Collision Claims Expo

Collision Claims Expo

The next Collision Claims Expo TBD
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Collision Claims Expo

This exciting, specialized two day event will offer timely, invaluable information and training related to the future of crash data collection and insurance claims. Leading subject matter experts from around North America will be presenting, sharing their experience and expertise giving insurance professionals an opportunity to enhance their understanding of what is sometimes referred to as the “black box” or “Event Data Recorder” technology found in today’s passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. 

The subject of current and pending US Federal regulation and legislation, this technology is today becoming more and more frequently encountered by insurance professionals and having a detailed and factually correct understanding of what it is and is not, how to properly manage this type of information, and effectively apply it in today’s active claims environment is going to become more and more a crucial skill. The Collision Claims Expo is the perfect venue for the insurance professional working to stay on the cutting edge.


  • Live crash testing
    A unique opportunity to observe live, fully instrumented human subject crash tests.  The crash plan includes vehicle interaction in various crash scenarios from “low speed” to something more significant. All tests are designed to illustrate different types of “Event Data Recorder” data that might be available in the various scenarios and the potential application of that information in a claims environment.  Biomechanical analysis to relate the data to potential injury thresholds will be included as part of the testing sequence.

  • Hands on demonstrations
    You will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations of how to use the Crash Data Retrieval Tool to collect crash data from in-car computer systems and see how really easy that process is. Our certified Crash Data Retrieval instructors will be on hand to walk you through the process of connecting and imaging crash data directly from the vehicle.

  • Crash data retrieval and myth busting
    “Replacement” for a police report? “Constantly monitoring your every behavior?” “The data tells you the car’s speed and whether the belts are buckled.” “You don’t want the liability of collecting this data yourself.” “It’s not admissible in court.”  How many of these commonly held notions are myth and how many are reality? The Expo will address these and many other ideas you may have regarding this technology.

  • SIU applications utilizing crash data
    Hit while parked?  Who was driving?  Was the car in a previous crash?  These and other issues come up in SIU investigations daily and many can potentially be addressed using “Event Data Recorder” information.  This presentation, by an insurance SIU professional with experience in using this technology in the field, will help those who identify these sorts of claims and deal with them to better see the application of this type of data.

  • Low delta-V crash analysis and injury potential
    What IS a “low speed” crash and what’s the potential for injury in that type of event?  The question seems to have been around since the invention of the car but one thing that’s new is the addition of the data from the “Event Data Recorder” system which can include an objective method for quantifying the actual severity of the crash as well as evaluating the way the various car systems may have performed to help minimize occupant injury potential.

  • Managing the collection of crash data for claims applications.
    “Event Data Recorder” technology was first introduced in 2000 and almost immediately there were those professing that the collection and preservation of the data put the insurance professional and their company at risk.  Over time, this myth has been busted and every day more and more insurance professionals have adopted practices and policies for managing the data effectively and reliably.

  • Dangers of misapplication of crash data in the claims process.
    Presentations and demonstrations at the Expo will show attendees how “Event Data Recorder” information is reliable and useful in the claims process; however, like any information, it can be misapplied. An important aspect of the Expo will be to offer those in attendance the opportunity to not only see the value of the data from this technology but to appreciate the danger of its misapplication.  Using examples and hands on activities, the presentation will address misapplication and ways to avoid it.

Crash Testing

Crash testing for the conference will be conducted by our team of uniquely qualified experts from the Collision Safety Institute (CSI) and allied organizations. Proven leaders in the fields collision reconstruction, biomechanics and human subject crash testing they bring more than 100 years combined experience to this important demonstration. The CSI Crash Team has set the standard in conducting relevant, full-scale, fully documented crash tests internationally for more than 20 years.

The crashes planned for this Expo include (subject to change):

  • Low-speed, rear-end, human subject crash tests
    A series of Low-speed, rear-end, human subject crash tests  will be used to illustrate common scenarios such as "hit while parked", sideswipes, “enhanced damage” and the evaluation of occupant movement in the typical “low speed” crash; all common “low speed” collision scenarios where little or no “damage” is observed.

  • 3-car, in-line crash test with potential airbag deployment
    A 3-car, in-line crash test with potential airbag deployment will be used to demonstrate how to determine "who hit who first" in a 3-car collision. One of the valuable aspects of “Event Data Recorder” information is the potential for its application in scenarios where the parties - or witnesses - might offer conflicting versions of the event and the “Event Data Recorder” data might be used to sort out what actually happened.

Rusty Haight Human Crash Test Dummy
Collision Safety Institute Crash Testing

On site to lead the Crash Team (and also presenting during the Expo) will be W.R. Rusty Haight. Rusty is known as the "Human Crash Test Dummy" and is currently listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most human subject crash tests. He is fast approaching his 1000th full scale crash test!